10 Reasons to Shop Independent This Christmas

We love championing local business and communities that bring the best of retail into our homes. Take a look at these 10 reasons to shop independent this Christmas!

#1  Boost Local Economies

Buying local instead of choosing the big chains is a great way to help your community prosper. According to www.smallbusiness.co.uk, every £10 spent with a local retailer, means up to £50  goes back into the local community.

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#2  Create more Local Jobs

From coffee shops to small retailers, local businesses provide thousands of jobs nationwide. Buying from independent shops is a great way to help communities grow and boost employment. 

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#3  Stay Personal

Independent businesses are not run by corporations or boards, but by individuals. This provides an amazing opportunity for them to give you a personal shopping experience and help you understand the importance behind their products.

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#4  Bespoke Service

Many independent business are widely  supported by their customers and therefore they spend a great deal of time and effort looking to provide the best customer service and deal with their customers in a very personal way. And, who doesn’t enjoy good customer service?

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#5  Originality and Individuality

The best thing about indie shops is the extent of original products and services they provide, catering for a wide variety of customers and bringing amazing products into the market. No two are the same! 

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#6  Support Entrepreneurs

In such a competitive market, the support of customers is the secret to success of any new venture.

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#7 Create Identity

Some independent retailers have a strong local identity and have become an important part of their communities. Lots of independent shops are actually rooted in local history and carry with them legacy and amazing stories.

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#8 Innovation

In times where everything has been industrialised, it’s so refreshing to find unique brands that are bringing innovative ideas and new perspectives into retail. You will always find something new.

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#9 Shop Sustainably 

From vegan shops to sustainable furniture and clothing, independent retailers are putting themselves out there as the sustainable alternative to multinationals in a consumerist society. 

#10 Discover Artisans

Some independent retailers will feature stunning handcrafted pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. By buying independent you support artisans and makers, strengthening the industry and allowing creatives to thrive.


Discover our artisans and find your local Independent retailer.