Smashed recycled glass reconstructed by hand.
Biophilic lighting fashioned from sustainably sourced, scalloped oyster shells.
Hand painted, fired and assembled into unique mosaics.

Naturally Inspired Lighting

Introducing our 2017 Penyu Lighting Range; a heady mix of human creativity and natural beauty whose restorative design qualities create inviting, comfortable and uplifting spaces. Every piece is carefully crafted by hand in Bali. A member of Collectiviste is based permanently in Indonesia, working in partnership with the small scale collectives and individual artisans who create these fantastic pieces. Penyu is the Bahasa Indonesian word for turtle. The collection is in honour of these majestic and now endangered prehistoric friends.

About Us

Collectiviste is an Epicurean lighting purveyor, offering an alternative to mass production with positivity, fairness, creativity and transparency written into our DNA. By working in partnership with international artisans, we are building an Eco-Label that provides unique, handcrafted and naturally-inspired statement pieces.