Rattan Lamp Shades That Will Add Island Vibes To Your Room

Natural décor has been big news for a while now, but when it comes to interiors there is one natural material that stands out above the rest; rattan. ELLE Decor, Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, et al., have all featured rattan and coveted the up-and-coming trend for this eco-friendly, natural material. 


This love of all things rattan has likely been partly fuelled by events of the past couple of years. When hopes of escaping to tropical idylls were put on hold, the only alternative was to create your own island vibes. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the feel of a luxurious tropical paradise in their own home?


The combination of an increased appreciation for sustainability and reconnection to the natural world also helped to elevate the popularity of simple yet beautiful natural décor choices. The use of rattan in interior design shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and continues to enjoy immense popularity as the hottest interior design trend. This longing for island life is not restricted to our own, far less tropical isle; the trend for rattan décor is the must-have look across the pond too. Those in the know at Vogue have identified rattan as the interior design material of choice and the hottest interiors trend right now.


Want to get on board with this trend and enjoy a flavour of island living in your home? Read on to discover how you can evoke island vibes at home with the use of a few simple yet effective styling tips:

How to Introduce Island Vibes to Your Home

Who can resist the laid-back, chilled-out charm of island living? Is there anything better than feeling the warm sea breeze, listening to the rustle of palm leaves as they sway gently, and feeling the soft, powdery sand between your toes? Escaping to distant shores and enjoying the laid-back, relaxed vibe of island life may be appealing right now, but you do not need to jump on a plane to achieve this. There is no need to travel when you can bring the island vibes to you and create your own tropical retreat at home.


The great thing about introducing island vibes into your home is that it is not too difficult to perfect, and when done right, the results can be incredibly effective. The whole feel of island living is simple, uncomplicated, relaxed, and stylish without trying too hard. Instead, you simply need to embrace the beauty of nature in your design scheme and showcase it to optimum effect. Creating an island vibe is laid-back, understated luxury at its best. Think white walls, wood with a natural finish, and accessories handcrafted out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and, of course, the star of the show, rattan.

Create Your Own Idyllic Island Vibes With Rattan Lampshades                                                                   

Incorporating rattan accessories and decorative touches into your interior is an excellent way to utilise this sustainable material and introduce its beauty to your living space. Our rattan lamp shades epitomise island living and laid-back luxury. Rattan’s natural fibres help to diffuse the light in your home and give off a softer glow which is in keeping with the relaxed feel of an island home.

Take a look at these rattan lamp shades from our range to get plenty of island living inspiration:

Opt for an all-natural look

Black Rattan Floor Lamp in log cabin


Our Truffle Black Tripod Floor Lamp looks effortlessly stylish in this natural décor scheme. The use of all-natural materials such as leather, wood, rattan, and plants creates an authentic island vibe. The black rattan lamp shade breaks up the appearance of the wood by adding depth and texture to the room.  

Layer your lighting with rattan lamp shades for an eclectic look

Portobello rattan floor lamp in living room setting with bamboo lampshade and green leather rocking chair.

Layering lighting is a trick that professional interior designers use to add depth to a scheme and create atmosphere. You can recreate this trick at home by combining the Portobello Rattan Tripod Floor Lamp with one of our bamboo or rattan pendant light shades.


Add wow factor with a statement large rattan light shade

Extra large Holkham Rattan Lampshade in Bali villa

Chandeliers and an island vibe are not two styles that are compatible, but that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on making lighting a focal point in your room. Instead, a large rattan light shade will provide plenty of wow factor while giving off some serious island vibes. 


Choose a black rattan pendant light shade for an atmospheric island vibe

Large black rattan lampshade over tropical kitchen island at sunrise

Our Truffle Black Rattan Light Shade and Ovo Rattan Light Shade in Black are both perfect choices to create an atmospheric island vibe in your home. The black rattan lamp shade softly diffuses the light to create an impressive effect and showcases the natural beauty of the rattan.

Rattan furniture and accessories

Combine rattan accessories for an authentic island look

No amount of rattan is too much when you are trying to create an authentic, rustic island vibe. The natural fibres and different woven finishes of rattan lamp shades mean that each piece has unique qualities and its own beauty. These differences make rattan an ideal material for layering up and combining with other accessories to create an impressive island vibe. Using different styles of rattan light shades in combination will add to the layered effect perfectly, such as the rustic rattan light shade and Medusa Large Rattan Light Shade


Add contrast to your island look with a black rattan shade and off-white walls

Masquerade Black Rattan Lamp Shade against off white wall in Bali villa.

Create an impact with the beauty of nature by creating a contrast between one of our black rattan lamp shades and fresh white walls. This luxurious combination is reminiscent of sophisticated resorts in tropical locations and is perfect for your on-trend island living look. 

Why Choose Rattan Light Shades?

At Collectiviste, we are proud to be the UK’s first and only lighting brand offering 100% eco-friendly products. As the leading name in sustainable, ethically-sourced rattan lighting, we offer an extensive collection of the highest quality rattan lighting products.


Creating a stylish living space does not mean you need to compromise on your eco values. Our on-trend sustainable rattan lighting products are the perfect accessory to create an island vibe wherever you live.