Global Bohemian - How Wanderlust Can Define Your Home Style.

What is that transformative feeling that you get when you think about travelling the world, exploring new places and discovering new and interesting cultures?

Wanderlust: the strong desire to travel, can be enriching and bewitching. How can you hold onto those precious experiences and places for a little longer? The answer could be to bring a bit of the world into your home. For inspiration, we suggest taking a look at some great ideas by Apartment Therapy that will give you a fresh take on how to bring a bit of the globe into your everyday living!

Henry Miller said, “One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of thinking.” This certainly rings true when you realise how much travel can change our tastes, the way we think and how we live!

Here are some tips by Kelsey Mulvey from Apartment Therapy that will help you unleash your own Wanderlust Global Bohemian inspired home decor. 


1. Layer with Care

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"Insiders know layering is one of the easiest ways to score an effortless and eclectic vibe, but it can also tell the story of your dream destination." Says Kelsey.

Using colour families inspired by your favourite destinations is a good starting point and will help you to avoid clashes. Textiles are 'go to' items when it comes to successful layering. If you get the colour pallet right, textures and patterns will add interest and originality to a space rather than making it too loud or busy. 

2. Rethink Your Room’s Layout

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 “I think it’s all about bringing home the spirit of your destination,” says Anna Brockway, co-founder and CMO of Chairish. “We recently spent time in the Sicilian countryside where I loved the simplicity of their furnishings. I came home and did a big edit! I was inspired by their spare, but thoughtful, furniture arrangements.”

Think about the way a place makes you feel. Is it the colours? Sounds? Scents? There is so much you can use to capture the essence of a place, so make sure to at least make a mental note the next time somewhere affects you in a positive way. Kelsey suggests you take notes and pictures of your favourite spaces while travelling to make sure you get the vibe just right on your return. 


3. Celebrate the Elements

“You can use textures that emulate the architecture or style of your favourite place,” Brockway adds. “Maybe a distressed wood table reminiscent of the barns in the English countryside or a vintage piece with patina as a nod to historic buildings of a beloved city.”

Is there any special landmark or sight you want to celebrate? Using textures, shapes and colour can be just the solution to create an inviting atmosphere.


4. Embrace Color

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From the vibrant hues of Cartagena to France’s chic neutrals, experimenting with colour is a simple way to make your home feel like a faraway paradise. Says Kelsey.

“The first thing that hit me when I arrived in Kenya was the colour,” explains Breegan Jane, a California-based interior designer. “The use of bright, vibrant colours permeated everything, from the buildings to the the clothing. I tend to shy away from using a great deal of bright colours, but the designer in me wanted to bring them all home to use across Los Angeles neighbourhoods.”

Using colourful accessories can be as effective as painting and accent wall or adding some bright furniture.


5. Get Cultured… 

Looking for a conversation starter? Traditional objects and handcrafted elements can become the highlight of your space. By investing in culturally significant pieces, you can add some real interest to your room and share those stories behind your travel experiences.

“Incorporating rituals and traditions from your travels can recreate a specific mood or feeling you experienced during your travels,” explains Nisha Mirani, co-founder of SUNDAY/MONDAYFor instance, you can layer textured rugs and patterned floor pillows to seat more visitors in your home rather than limit yourself with the size of your dining table. Or, light a candle or incense from your trip to bring you back to a specific place.”

6. …But Do Your Research

Go beyond trends. Make sure you know the meaning and significance of the pieces you are incorporating in your home.  

“Wanderlust and travel are wonderful, but keep in mind that there’s a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation,” Mirani warns. “Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. People are usually happy to share their culture but it’s important to respect traditions and boundaries.”

Doing your research will let you pay proper homage to your favourite vacation spot, plus it’ll help you become an informed decorator and traveler.

7. When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

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Finding all the cultural jargon confusing? Don’t worry, according to interior designer Leanne Ford, when decorating your home using multiple elements it’s best to “Stick to two to three colours at most,” She also recommends going for natural elements like wooden or bamboo furniture.

And lastly, have fun. Global bohemian is all about you and your wanderlust, so make sure to keep it real, exciting and organic!