House & Garden Festival 2019 | Our Top Picks for Artisanal Living

From antiques to fashion, this year's House & Garden Festival was full of colour and fresh and innovative ideas. Being a little less mainstream than other shows, House & Garden gave us a taste of an alternative approach to home decor, showcasing the vibrant energy of makers and owners alike.

Curious about our findings? Here's a short review of our favourite brands and products which encourage ethical living and support global artisans, bringing an alternative vibe to modern home decor. 

 lalla rugs at house and garden festival 2019

1. Lalla London 

Lalla's beautiful textiles are made in the Atlas Mountains by cooperatives of artisan women who skillfully weave throws and rugs using traditional techniques. Lālla translates to ‘mysterious woman", and this is the message Emma and Georgie want to convey as they inspire us to discover this corner of the world and their people. We spoke to Emma, who is passionate about empowering women weavers and bringing a unique product into the UK market. 

She told us of their emphasis on buying ethically sourced products, that are not only beautifully crafted, but also support and empower women and nomadic communities in remote parts of the world. Made of all-natural materials, their rugs, cushions and throws each tell a different story about the makers, their country, and their way of living.  

Believe or not, their unusual cushions are made of cactus silk, which is derived from natural fibers of cacti and is a great alternative for animal-lovers who want to enjoy the softness of silk. Learn more about this stunning material here. 

Whether you are looking for a change of style or just curious about these unique pieces and their story, make sure to take a look at Lalla's website and get inspired by their global wanderlust.

Find out more at

lalla rugs at house and garden 2019

2. Inka Fabric Peruvian Alpaca

Bright, colourful and trendy. Peruvian alpaca is always a winner when it comes to adding a piece of global boho into any interior design project. However, what we love the most about Inka Fabric is the way they work with artisan communities and the emphasis they give to Fairtrade and respecting traditional artisanal techniques. 

We met Adolfo, who explained to us how each textile has a different meaning and symbolises a different stage in the life of those who use it. For example, the brighter weaves are often gifted as bridal presents or when an infant is born. While the less colourful and simpler patterns are more likely to be used for men. Older and experienced weavers create the most intricate patterns, while younger women create simpler and more general designs, as they are just starting in the trade.

Why not take a look at Inka Fabric Collection here. Let the timeless beauty of their craft, and the inspiring story behind their products give you a taste of Peru.


inka fabric peruvian alpaca London house and garden festival 2019inka fabric peruvian alpaca London house and garden festival 2019

3. The Interior Spy

Who doesn't love a collection of well-curated handwoven homewares? Well, The Interior Spy presents a fresh take on ethically-sourced handwoven baskets, all made from indigenous grasses and sourced in sub-Saharan Africa. With a little more than 2 years in the market, they are all about sustainability as "90% of the baskets are woven by ladies, often from very rural and impoverished areas". 

Miranda, the creator, works hand in hand with the artisans in order to create versatile products that can be used in various ways around the house. From baskets to light shades, every single piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

We really enjoyed the natural feel of these products, and how easily they fit into different environments and interior styles. They are, at the same time, inspiring and have the power to connect us to nature and invite us to embrace simple living. We can't wait to see all the new products and people that get on board with The Interior Spy and hope this will allow more artisan communities around Africa to be empowered and championed as they open themselves up to new markets.

the interior spy african weave at house and garden festival 2019the interior spy at house and garden festival 2019

Although this is just a brief snapshot of our most inspiring findings at the House & Garden Festival, we were delighted to find so many businesses with exciting products and a similar ethos to our own! If you would like to know more about ethical and sustainable living, make sure to keep an eye on our blogs and posts as we'll be sharing lots more new & interesting artisans, trends and decor ideas.

Why not join us for one of our upcoming shows or pop up shops? Discover more about Collectiviste's artisanal lighting and get to know more about our work with Balinese artisans here.

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